Plant Spirit Challenge Day 27: Make a Flower Essence or Charged Water

Merry meet, readers, and blessings on your Memorial Day if you reside in the United States! We’re nearing the end of the Hagstone Publishing’s 30-Day Plant Spirit Challenge and I hope that you’ve created a very intense bond with your Plant Ally! Michelle has graciously allowed me a third (and last!) blog post for the challenge, and I am very honored that she trusted me to be a part of her team for the duration. For you, dear readers, thank you for being a part of this group, whether you were reading along, posting daily, posting intermittently, or blogging. It truly has been a wonderful experience! With the gratitude firmly in place, let’s get on with the Charged Water post!

[Side Note: This post comes with a bit of personal explanation as to why I chose to blog about the Charged Water. I share it freely and without shame, but if you’re uninterested in the “why,” feel free to skip to the Let’s Create Charged Water! section below.]

The Purpose of Charged Water
So just what exactly is charged water? In the spiritual sense, most often charged water refers to charging distilled water under phases of the moon, with and without herbs, plants, and flowers for essence. But don’t rely on my definition – Witchipedia actually has the best answer!

“Moon water is water that has been charged with the energies of the moon. It is a popular way to charge water to be used during a ceremony or spell working or to brew magical potions and may be used for anything you are directed to use water for. While moon water is charged with lunar energies, it may also be charged with the energies of the zodiac sign the moon is passing through at the time and thus may be used to enhance magical workings related to the sign” (Witchipedia, 2019).

Reasons for Choosing Charged Water
For the purpose of the Plant Spirit Challenge, and the use of my Chamomile Plant Ally, I chose to do a moon charged water to bring about peace and prosperity to my home. The main reason I chose to blog about charged water is because I wanted to try a different method of attracting peace and prosperity. My husband and I have been struggling financially for several years now, which is a very long story of which I won’t go into detail. In short, the struggles come from another person. We’ve been battling it for far too long and it has compromised the sanctity of our bond at times. We are stronger than ever now, but I continue to invoke my spiritual guides and the power of Mother Moon for help in different ways. This daily challenge spoke to me in a new way, and the process came very naturally. I wanted to give the challenge a complete New Moon-to-Full Moon cycle, which aligned perfectly in May for this challenge. I began this process on May 4thunder the New Moon in Taurus, and I finished the process under the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th.

Before sitting down to write this blog post, I looked into the horoscopes for both New Moon & Full Moon in May and found some very interesting information.

New Moon – May 4th, 2019:

“This fixed earth sign [Taurus] is where we prefer to stay in our comfort zones and tend to resist change the most. Fortunately, the great disruptor Uranus has recently entered Taurus…and he’s ready to give us the push (or shove) we need to get moving in the right direction” (Hanson, 2019).

(My husband and I have been plodding along, comfortable in our slightly-dysfunctional-but-acceptable routines, but I believe we both have reached our breaking point and naturally began to push forward the necessary steps to break free of these financial problems.)

Full Moon – May 18th, 2019

“Full moons have a way of stirring up our deepest emotions. But at the full moon in Scorpio, the feelings we express outwardly are just the tip of the iceberg. That’s because this fixed water sign needs to be in control—and that often means keeping messy, complicated emotions on lockdown. After all, Scorpio’s emotions are more intense than most, so it’s only natural to fear being overpowered by them” (Hanson, 2019)

(A common mistake we made was that we would allow our emotions to take over, which would lead to us either shutting down or blowing up at each other. Instead, we came to a crossroads together in which we agreed to be very pragmatic & level-headed when a problem would arise. Our communication has improved immensely. We have chosen to pocket our emotions in the presence of each other and deal with the emotions separately.)

Let’s Create Charged Water!
Below I will give you the steps to create your own charged water exactly the way I did it, but feel free to modify the steps to your liking. There are many ways to create moon charged water, so have fun creating one for yourself!

Items You Will Need:

  • Mason Jar with Lid
    • Poke holes (aerate) in the top of the lid for air flow & to allow moonlight contact
  • Distilled water
  • Approximately one palm-sized bundle of your Plant Ally
  • An undisturbed, peaceful area with moon exposure
  • A written (or memorized) enchantment for your water
  • Bowl
  • Cheesecloth
  • Extra-large rubberband or Scotch tape
  • Small paintbrush (optional)


Step 1: Prepare Your Container for Charged Water

Gather your mason jar & aerated lid alongside the bundle of your Plant Ally, and your distilled water. Place the Plant Ally bundle inside the jar and fill the jar with the distilled water to the brim. Secure the aerated lid to the jar.


Step 2: Enchant Your Charged Water Jar

Once you have secured the jar with the water and the Plant Ally, take the jar outside at night under the New Moon to your designated area. At this time, sit or stand under the new moon and recite your enchantment before placing in the designated area. Michelle provided a beautiful and concise enchantment, and I chose to modify hers for the purpose of my charged water (below).

“I charge this water
With the power of the waxing moon,
To achieve my dreams.
May this chamomile bring me the money
To fulfill my goals,
and to find financial peace and growth.
While easing my anxiety with financial stress.
With this herb and moonlight
This water is charged.”


Step 3: Place Your Charged Water Jar in the Designated Area

Choose an area that will be completely undisturbed for the duration of the charging. If you have animals, secure your jar in an area where it won’t be knocked about. Make sure it has full exposure to the moonlight as well.


Step 4: Tend to Your Jar & Repeat Enchantment at the Turn of the Moon Phase

At the Waxing Crescent (May 8th), First Quarter (May 11th), and Waxing Gibbous (May 14th), visit your charged water and give it a little jostle (cover the lid!) to make sure it stays emulsified. While agitating your jar, recite your enchantment again.


Step 5: Full Moon Phase Completion

At the Full Moon, remove your charge water jar from the designated area and agitate once more while giving thanks to Mother Moon for providing her energy to your water.


Step 6: Gather & Set Up Items for Straining



Bring your charged water jar to your cleansed workspace, along with a bowl, cheesecloth, and rubberband or tape. If necessary to cut the cheesecloth, cut only a couple of pieces that will clear the edge of your bowl. You don’t want too much excess because it will be difficult to secure if you’re using tape. I chose to use two pieces to ensure I would have the cleanest strain possible with no excess bits.


Step 7: Strain Liquid Through Cheesecloth


Open your jar (you may need to roughly tap the edge of the lid with a knife to loosen; mine was stuck!) and begin to slowly pour the liquid through the cheesecloth.

Gentle warning: For this duration of time, your Plant Ally has decayed in the open air and water. Decay is decay whether it’s animal or plant – this means it’s stinky!! My chamomile, which already has a very earthy scent, was quite pooe-y smelling, literally! But we witches are used to getting into the muck occasionally, aren’t we?

Once you have strained all the liquid from the jar, remove the rest of the plant material outside to return to the earth, and dispose of the mason jar and lid in the recycling bin. Please don’t reuse them!


Step 8: Use Your Charged Water with Your Spellwork


I prefer to use my water immediately because of the strong scent. If you don’t have an aversion to the smell, or have an airtight container for storage, feel free to do your spellwork at a different time.  However, I can’t promise the effects will be the same. It’s best to use your charged water immediately while it holds the power of the Full Moon.

Once I had completed the straining, I took the bowl outside and washed the frame and threshold of my home with the water using a small paintbrush. With the excess water, I poured it in a line across the length of my driveway to attract prosperous and peaceful energy to my home.

Again, feel free to perform your own spellwork or ritual with your charged water, and I hope it brings you the blessings in which you seek. If you have any trouble with the steps for moon charging water, or would just like to share different ways to charge water, drop me a line at


Until next time, beloveds!


Labhair go comhchineáil, gníomhú go measúil, diaga a bhfuil eagna níos airde agat, agus ná dochar a dhéanamh d'aon anam.

(Speak kindly, act respectfully, divine with a higher wisdom, and do not harm a single soul.)

~The Wicking Hour Flamery