Mini Medi Pack - Binding + Peace

Mini Medi Pack - Binding + Peace

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Mini Medi (Mini Meditation) Packs are a set of 3 tea lights with a special focus in mind. If you need a concentrated, short, but heavily powered spell casting, the Mini Medi is perfect.

Binding + Peace Mini Medi:
This Mini Medi was created for those seeking to bind negativity from your life, but simultaneously impart peace within yourself. Two white "peace" tea lights accompany one black "binding" tea light to give you a foundation of quiet, calm stillness & focus, and the ability to bind any negativity from harming you.

PEACE Mini Medi
Color: White
Scent: Lavender
Dressing: Calendula, Rosemary 

Color: Black
Scent: Midnight Full Moon, Cinnamon Stick
Dressing: Ground Cinnamon, Lady's Thumb


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