Mini Medi Pack - Health + Healing

Mini Medi Pack - Health + Healing

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Mini Medi (Mini Meditation) Packs are a set of 3 tea lights with a special focus in mind. If you need a concentrated, short, but heavily powered spell casting, the Mini Medi is perfect.

Health + Healing Mini Medi:
This Mini Medi was created to soothe both emotional & physical pain and stress. We sometimes experience physical pain as a manifestation of emotional trauma. Conversely, chronic physical pain can lead to depression & emotional upheaval. The Health + Healing Mini Medi is imbued with the colors & scents of tropical oceans and dark seas, and accompanies a yoga or meditation session perfectly to wash away the pain in which you may be suffering. 

HEALTH Mini Medi
Color: Blue
Scent: Cool mint & the midnight sea
Dressings: Rosemary, sage & cypress

Color: Aquamarine
Scent: Tropical ocean waves, exotic hibiscus, & magnolia
Dressings: Thyme, ginger powder, coriander seed & sage


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