Mini Medi Tea Light - Health

Mini Medi Tea Light - Health

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Mini Medi (Mini Meditation) tea lights are small, handcrafted candles with a special focus in mind. If you need a concentrated, short, but heavily powered spell casting, the Mini Medi tea light is perfect.

HEALTH Mini Medi
Color: Blue
Scent: Cool mint & the midnight sea
Dressings: Rosemary, sage & cypress

This particular Mini Medi is suited for physical health. The comforting blue and scent of mint & salty sea will soothe the aches and pains that ail you.


Is the physical pain you're experiencing rooted in emotionally troubled seas? Are you overworked because you can't say 'no' or is emotional stress manifesting itself in your body? CLICK HERE our Health + Healing Mini Medi Pack!