The Wicking Hour Flamery was born from my Celtic Pagan spiritual path and a love of candle-making and smudge stick bundling. I find the creation of these two areas of the craft to be a perfectly designed triskelion of science, art, and spirituality.

Every candle and smudge stick I produce is made with love and positive intentions. Before I ship my candles or smudge sticks to any client, I lay my hands on each product and send a prayer for wisdom, strength, courage, peace, and hope.

It is my wish that your intentions power these products to achieve your deepest desires. Please use them wisely and positively. The Wicking Hour Flamery does not condone the use or divination of negativity, pain, sorrow, or death upon any soul. It is with that rule that I bestow my motto to you, openly and freely. I encourage you to pass it on to everyone you meet.

Labhair go comhchineáil, gníomhú go measúil, diaga a bhfuil eagna níos airde agat, agus ná dochar a dhéanamh d'aon anam.
(Speak kindly, act respectfully, divine with a higher wisdom, and do not harm a single soul.)

With love and blessings,
~The Wicking Hour Flamery