Samhain Feast of the Dead Sabbat Candle - Back in Stock Soon!

Samhain Feast of the Dead Sabbat Candle - Back in Stock Soon!

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The veil has thinned and our beloved dead march slowly to the other side. Samhain is a special time of year where we feast to those who have passed through the veil into the next world. As the Wheel of the Year turns to the dark side, this candle will light the way of the dead with your blessings.

Special thought and care was taken in the production of this Sabbat candle. A blessing of peace has been prayed over the finished product before shipment. Many elements of this candle were chosen for their protective natures. When communing with the dead, it is wise to remember that you must protect your present self from giving over to the dead, lest they attempt to take you with them on their journey. The Feast of the Dead is not simply to pay homage to those that have passed, but also to reflect upon negative energies you have acquired that you wish to banish and send with the dead on their journey. From the ashes of this negativity, a new immortal wisdom will arise. Finally, from this wisdom will come an acceptance of the balance between light and dark.


White was chosen for the color of this candle for its purity and protection during your commune with the dead. You may wish to burn black candles alongside your Sabbat candle for banishing, but remember to put your purity & protection as the central focus of your meditation.


  • Moonlit Lake for the balance of ebb and flow
  • Amber for protection, purification, and the clarity of higher wisdom
  • Cotton & wool of the dead’s garments for the protection and healing
  • Coriander & Tonka for health, healing, and the courage to face what must be relinquished to the dead to carry away from you
  • Cinnamon for psychic power enhancement and protection
  • Newly shed leaves to symbolize the cycle of life and death
  • Whiskey to toast the dead during your feast, and to promote change
  • Vetiver to break any hexes you have accumulated over the last year


  • Oak ash for protection & healing, and for the strength needed to evolve
  • Sage & apple seeds for immortality, longevity, and wisdom

Most importantly, when doing any spell work or meditation, intention is the key factor. Concentrating intently on what you want to achieve while staring into the flame of your candle, or taking in the scents with your eyes closed, will bring wisdom once your work is complete. With this wisdom and newfound knowledge, you will be empowered to make unwavering decisions or accept the peace and solitude in which you seek. 

Labhair go comhchineáil, gníomhú go measúil, diaga a bhfuil eagna níos airde agat, agus ná dochar a dhéanamh d'aon anam,
(Speak kindly, act respectfully, divine with a higher wisdom, and do not harm a single soul,)
~The Wicking Hour Flamery

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